Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers in Pakistan | Fire Cope Pvt. Ltd.


s protect life and property by providing installation specifications for fire pumps to ensure that systems are functional to provide a sufficient reliable supply of water in the event of fire emergencies.

Fire Hydrant Valves are suitable for both all industrial & building applications, manufactured to BS and NFPA standards .All valves are manufactured in corrosion resistant materials with Gunmetal body and are available with either British Instantaneous female outlets to BS336 or with a wide range of International adaptors. FIRE MONITORS Fire cope Lahore offers a comprehensive range of Portable and Fixed Fire Monitors catering for a wide range of risk scenarios across multiple industry sectors.

From Portable Monitors, Fixed Station Monitors, Oscillating Monitors and Electric Monitors to state-of-the art Heat Seeking Robotic Monitors the range is designed to meet the requirements of all Industrial users

FIRE HOSE COUPLING & NOZZLE Fire hoses, hydrants and fittings come in a vast range of shapes and sizes to fulfill fire fighting requirements and regulations. We stock fire hose and hydrant fittings, that include hydrant adaptors, hydrant straps, hose straps, hydrant spanners, fire hose couplings, branch pipes, fire nozzles, Storz fittings, Storz adaptors, Storz couplings, coupling washers and much more. Our hydrant adaptors, fire hose couplings, branch pipes and hydrant equipment are manufactured in various threads used in our fire industry. Contact us to find more


Fire Cope Lahore are a key supplier to Municipal & Industrial Fire Services, Defence Sectors, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Sites,  Aviation, Major Industrials, Utilities, Textile & Power Plants, Nuclear, Mining, Construction and industrial Sectors. 

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