Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers in Pakistan | Fire Cope Pvt. Ltd.

Safety Equipment

The industrial safety equipments we supply are superior in quality. safety products that protects the users from all kinds of injuries. These are highly effective against all types of hazardous environments. We incorporate new technologies from the manufactures of these safety equipments. All the industry quality standards and safety regulations are strictly adhered for supply the safety items. Our safety products are as under mentioned PPe, fire blankets, fire rated suits ,fire boots ,safety shoe ,caution safety signs ,respiratory equipment SCBA, confined space entry equipment , emergency eye wash & showers Disinfectant spray tunnel walk through gate and spare parts, firefighters safety gears ,fire rated doors emergency exit lights, safety glasses, fall protection emergency fire escape ladder,full body safety harness.


Fire Cope Lahore are a key supplier to Municipal & Industrial Fire Services, Defence Sectors, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Sites,  Aviation, Major Industrials, Utilities, Textile & Power Plants, Nuclear, Mining, Construction and industrial Sectors. 

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