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       Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing

  • Fire alarms are an essential part of any workplace or property. Fire alarms allow people in a building to be notified immediately if there are any dangers at large and they need to vacate the premises. This can only happen if the fire alarms in place are in good working order, and work on demand in pressured situations such as the event of a fire. It is no use having fire alarms that do not work, have not been tested, or are faulty due to a lack of maintenance. At Fire Cope Lahore  we offer fire alarm testing services to keep your employees or workers safe so they can go about their day without any safety fears.

    Fire alarm tests are required under the regulatory standards reform order in order to service and maintain your fire alarm system to certify it remains in working order in accordance with NFPA 72. Fire alarm inspections should include ensuring the battery within the fire alarm panel is in full working order, all detectors and call points activate when required and sounders emit the correct level of audibility throughout the building, keeping everyone in the building safe through regular fire alarm checks.


Fire Cope are a key maintenance service provider  to Municipal & Industrial Fire Services, Defence Sectors, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Sites,  Aviation, Major Industrials, Utilities, Power Plants, Nuclear, Mining, Construction and textile industries. 

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Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing

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